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Directions to Camp Garrison

Camp Garrison is part of the BSA Musser Scout Reservation, on Upper Ridge Road near Sumneytown, PA. 

Please plan to arrive at Camp Garrison NO LATER THAN 6:30 - 6:45 pm

At the time which we will be traveling - rush hour - you should allow about 40 minutes to get there

Note: Before you leave, you should check KYW News-Radio [1060 AM] to determine the
traffic conditions to decide which of these routes may be faster, particularly regarding the PA Turnpike.

On a Friday night there may be significant traffic or blockages on either or both of these routes. 
[KYW News-Radio broadcasts the traffic every 10 minutes, "on the 2's" (ex: 1:02pm, 1:12pm, 1:22pm, etc.)]


Please be sure the following forms are filled out and brought to camp:

BSA Health Form (Parts A & B only needed to for weekend event)
Activity Consent Form
Grand View Hospital Form

All adults should have taken the online Youth Protection Training.  Instructions can be found at the following link:
Youth Protection Page
Bring copies of your completion certificate.


$5/person for Saturday only; $10/person for overnight; $1 per person for BB Gun Range


REMEMBER to make, freeze and bring your foil pack dinners for each person eating dinner Saturday night.
For recipes and instructions check out this link:
Round Robin Cub Scout Cooking

Driving Directions - Part 1

For the first part of these directions, you need to get to where the PA Turnpike intersects with Route 63, just north of Lansdale. 

You can either drive up Sumneytown Pike (past Springhouse Tavern and up through North Wales) until it becomes Rt. 63, continuing on a bit further to where the PA Turnpike's Northeast Extension intersects Route 63...


Alternatively, you may take the PA Turnpike from Fort Washington heading west, and then take the first right turn north onto the PA Turnpike's "Northeast Extension", exiting at the Lansdale exit, then turning right onto Route 63 west.

....then, continue with "Driving Directions - Part 2"....

Driving Directions - Part 2

Once you are at the junction of Route 63 and the PA Turnpike, check your odometer reading and then follow Route 63 west, [Rt. 63 is also called "Sumneytown Pike" at this point] for exactly 8.4 miles to the fork in road at the "Sumneytown Hotel" where you should then bear right on Geryville Road for approximately 1 mile to the first "STOP" sign. 

Turn right on Upper Ridge Road and go 2 miles until you see the sign on your right for the entrance to "Camp Garrison".  (Along this route you will have passed Camp Delmont and Camp Hart.)

If you should miss the fork at the "Sumneytown Hotel" you will hit Upper Ridge Road again near the reservoir - turn right and follow until you see the sign for "Camp Garrison".

Pull into the parking lot and look for us gathering near one of the small covered pavilions.  We will unload our gear there on to a trailer and the Camp Staff will drive it down to our location.  There is no direct car access to the campsite.

Cub Camping Tips & Rules 

Suggested items to bring:

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Pillow

  • Clothing for at least 2 days:

    • 2 pairs of jeans, pants and/or shorts

    • 3 sets of underwear

    • 2 shirts

    • 4 pairs socks - more if rain's expected!

  • Shoes - 2 pairs

    • Preferably 1pr. sneakers & 1pr. hiking boots

  • Night clothes or pajamas

  • Sweatshirt or sweater

  • Jacket or windbreaker (heavier coat if cold weather is expected)

  • Gloves & hat (if cold weather is expected)

  • Poncho or raincoat

  • Towel & washcloth

  • Toiletries:

    • Toothbrush & toothpaste

    • Small soap

    • Shampoo

    • Comb / brush / pick

    • Small pack of tissues

    • Other items, as desired

  • Bag for dirty and/or wet laundry (a plastic bag works well)

  • Whistle & small trash bag (for hiking)

  • Eye glasses (if needed, w/ his name on case)

  • Flashlight (with good, tested batteries)

  • Camp chair
  • Cub Scout Handbook (with his name on it)

  • Put all above items in a duffel bag, backpack or other easily carried sturdy bag. (Please do not use a plastic trash bag!)

Other stuff that your Cub might like:

  • His personal "Sleeping Assistant"
    (bear, bunny, blanket or whatever he may need/want in order to settle down and sleep more easily)

  • Recreational equipment - examples:

    • Baseball(s), bat, glove & batting helmet

    • Football

    • Soccer ball (good to have soccer kneepads and shoes as well)

    • Frisbee

    • Kite & string

    • Rubber-band powered plane(s)

    • Fishing equipment - pole, lures, etc.

    • Butterfly net / bug box

    • Puzzle(s)

    • Playing cards

    • Chess / checkers or similar small board game(s)

    • No electronic games!!

  • Bug spray (if it's bug season)

  • Camera (an inexpensive one is best)

  • Book(s)

  • Sunglasses (unbreakable preferred)

  • Binoculars or small telescope

  • Wristwatch

  • Compass

  • Water bottle (small, for taking on hikes)

  • Fanny pack (for hiking)

  • Musical instrument (w/ case if needed)

  • Sheet music and/or songbook


Cubs should ** NOT ** bring:

  • Electronic games

  • Electronic devices of any sort - TV, radio, MP3 player, etc.

  • Knives of any sort (parent/guardian may keep a knife for the child to use for Pack 'whittling' events)

  • Weapons of any kind, whether toy or real

  • Candy, gum or snacks (all food will be provided by the Pack)

  • Fireworks

  • Matches or lighters

  • Toys (Lego, Hot Wheels, etc.)

  • Medications or drugs (other than those held by the parent/guardian, or those given by the parent/guardian directly to a Cub Pack 405 Leader, complete with a permission slip - see "Your Child's Medications" in the panel to the right.)

If a Cub is found have brought any of these items, they will be immediately removed, and only returned to the parent/guardian after the event is over.

Your Child's Medications:

If your Cub will require any medications during the trip, and for some reason you will be unable to administer his medications yourself, then you must personally hand them to your Den Leader, the Cubmaster or the Assistant Cubmaster, in a plastic bag with a signed permission slip enclosed

Click HERE for the permission slip.

All medications must be in the bottle(s) as supplied by the pharmacy, complete with the original pharmacy label showing the child's name, physician's name and the drug name & dosage.