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Pack 405
2016 Popcorn Sale
August 27 - October 15

Show & Sell Signup link

Once again, a number of local businesses have generously allowed us to sell popcorn outside their establishments to help raise funds for our pack activities this year.   Each scout's sales can offset his $75.00 annual pack dues, and we have other incentives.  Procedures are listed below.  A link to the selling schedule is also provided (above).  We are using the website
"Sign Up Genius" for show & sell scheduling , so it should always be up-to-date.

The Pack encourages each boy to participate and Do Your Best.

2016 Popcorn Sale At a Glance

 August 27 through October 15
Popcorn Storage Location: 
Lynn Rosenstock's house
Ways to Sell: 
Store Sales (Show & Sell)
Take Order / Door-to-Door Sales
Internet Sales
These are in addition to the
prizes offered by Trail's end. 
(These are cumulative!) 
  • Sell at least 1 item and join us for Pack Pizza/Ice Cream Party in November
  • Sell at least $200 and get a decal pack for your Pinewood Derby car.
  • Sell at least $400 and pack yearly dues are paid.
  • Sell at least $700 and bonus BB Gun Range target at Camp Garrison in the spring.
  • Sell at least $900 and earn an upgraded rocket for Rocket Launch in May.
  • Be the top seller in your den, and throw a pie in your den leaders or Akela's face.
  • Be the top seller in the Pack, and throw a pie in the Cubmaster's face.

Popcorn Links

Who to contact for scheduling or storage unit info
Where is the popcorn stored?
Sales Incentives
How to safely sell popcorn (Show & Sell, Take Orders, Internet)
Unit Goals for 2016

Sales Incentives
  • Prizes from Trail's End for different sales amounts.
  • Be the top seller in your den and throw a pie in your den leaders or Akela's face.
  • Be the top seller in the Pack and throw a pie in the Cubmaster's face.


        Show & Sell / Store Courtesy
  • Stores are generously allowing us to solicit at their locations.  We must be courteous and sensitive to store personnel requests.
  • Cubs should wear their Class 'A' uniform (shirts and neckerchiefs) and be polite.  We are representing the Scouting movement and want to leave a good impression.
  • Bring cash so you can make change for customers.  I use a shoe box to hold money and bring about $120 to start (60 ones, 6 tens).  Subtract the initial starting money when you are done selling to determine how much you sold.
  • Bring a folding table if you wish to use one.
  • If first to arrive at a selling location (or you are not taking over for someone already selling), go inside and let the staff / manager know you are there. 
  • When leaving, if no one is taking over for you, go inside and let the staff / manager know you are leaving.
  • If you are leaving and you know someone will be back later in the day, let the staff / manager know that before you leave.
  • Do not block a store entrance, but do set up near it.
  • If you wish to sell popcorn at the last minute, check the schedule for an open slot.  If you show up and someone else is already selling, be courteous.  Offer to split any sales or come back at another time.

Popcorn Retrieval & Selling

  • Popcorn will be stored at Lynn Rosenstock's house.  Contact Lynn for access (see below).
  • 1st time slot for the location/day should pick up the popcorn for selling and the last time slot should return unsold popcorn the same day so it is available for the next day.  Do not hold popcorn overnight unless you are the last at a time slot one day and the first in a time slot the next day.
  • All unsold popcorn must be back at Steve's by the end of each day so Steve can total.  We must provide council with regular updates on how much has been sold.
  • Track donations separate from actual popcorn sales.

Take Orders / Door-To-Door Sales

  • Sell door to door in your neighborhood.  Use common sense safety measures!  Cubs must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Take the form to work and sell to colleagues.
  • Remaining take orders will be filled in the following ways after Saturday, Oct 15:
    • Any leftover popcorn from show & sell sales will be used to fill take orders.
    • Popcorn that council has to order will be picked up at council Saturday, November 5.

On-line Orders
  • A scout can be set up to take orders on-line from friends & relatives not living in the area.
  • Online sales are through the Trail's End website,
  • This video explains how use set up and use the site for online sales: Trails's End: Online Tutorial

Sales Proceeds & Forms
  • Take the money home.  It will be collected once by the den leader at the end of the sale. (To make it easier, write a check for the final amount, payable to "Pack 405".)
  • COMPLETE THE FORMS CORRECTLY!  Check 'delivered' if the scout has the popcorn to be delivered regardless of whether the customer has it yet.  We use the 'delivered' column to figure out what more to order at the end of the sale.  Inaccurate forms will cause us to order too much popcorn that the pack will have to pay for.
  • Be sure to select a prize.
  • Return completed forms to your den leader or designated den popcorn person by the evening of Saturday, October 15.

Unit Goals

  • Our overall unit goal this year is to sell $14,500 worth of popcorn.  We have in the past sold this much.
  • Our goal is for each individual scout to sell $1000.  Combining show & sell, take orders and internet sales, this should be achievable.
  • Encourage take orders / door-to-door sales.  Show and Sell orders continue to decline each year, likely due to  more packs / troops selling popcorn in our area.
  • Popcorn sales help our local council maintain great camp locations for the scouts to enjoy and bring the scouting program to many boys in the Montgomery, Philadelphia and Delaware counties.

Popcorn Storage

Lynn Rosenstock's house.
Contact Lynn at for access information

Contact Information

Pack Kernel, Carie Jackson, at

Key Dates

  • Sale starts Aug 27
  • Sale Ends Oct 15
  • Completed Forms & checks due to Pack Kernel Saturday, Oct 15
  • Take orders filled in November.