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Cub Scout Uniforms

"Class A" Uniform
Required - shirt and neckerchief with slider
Optional - pants and hat for outdoor activities

"Class B" Uniform
Pack 405 T-shirt

Cubs should wear their "Class A" uniforms to all meetings and outings
This includes all Den & Pack meetings and related events, as well as outings such as visits, tours, indoor overnights, etc..
Required: Shirt & Neckerchief with slider


"Class A" Exceptions:

"Class A" Uniforms are not required for outdoor or cabin (overnight) camping trips, or athletic events such as skiing, extended hiking
or for any event where the Cub's Scout uniform may become damaged or badly soiled.

The Basic Uniform Rule:
If your uniform could be damaged or badly soiled, don't wear it...
...otherwise, please wear your full Cub Scout uniform!

Where do all those patches go?

Cub Scout Uniform

Number Item Number Item
1 American Flag 
usually on uniform when purchased
15 Bear Silver Arrow Points (up to four)
2 Den Number 17 Service Star 
wear only one
3 Webelos Colors 
to pin activity badges (pins) on
18 Progress toward ranks (Tiger, Wolf or Bear) OR 
Webelo Compass Emblem
4 Quality Unit Award 
wear only most recent
19 Wolf Beads (yellow)
5 Council Emblem  20 Bear Beads (red)
6 Unit Numerals 
Our pack # is: 405
21 Temporary Badge 
hooked on button, wear only one 
Do not wear if using this button for #18
7 World Crest 22 National Summertime Pack Award
8 Bobcat Badge 23 Denner & Assistant Denner Cords 
if used by den
9 Wolf Badge 24 Arrow of Light Badge 
only badge that moves to Boyscout Uniform
10 Bear Badge 25 Recruiter Stripe OR Tiger Cub Strip 
To wear both, put Tiger Cub Strip below Recruiter Stripe
11 Webelo Badge 26 Attendance Pin & Year Bar 
wear only one
12 Wolf Gold Arrow Point 27 Veteran Unit Bars
13 Wolf Silver Arrow Points (up to four) * Tiger Cub, USA Badge (see #25)
14 Bear Gold Arrow Point 29 Boy Scouts of America 
(already sewn onto the uniform)