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Youth Protection and PA Child Protective Services Law

The BSA has long required all registered leaders to take Youth Protection training and to renew that training every 2 years.  Pack 405 requires any adult participating in an outing, such as a museum sleepover, to also take the training.  See the Training page for more information about Scout training.

A new Pennsylvania law took effect in 2015 that requires adult volunteers that work with youth to obtain obtain additional background clearances.  This is known as the Child Protective Services Law.  Below is a summary of how this law applies to scouting.
  • Tiger Adult Partners - Clearances are NOT required for Tiger Adult Partners as they are participating in the BSA program as parents. Clearances ARE required for Tiger Den Leaders.
  • Drivers to camps or events – if a parent asks another parent (parent to parent) to drive their son to an event or camp then clearances are NOT required. If however a carpool is organized or drivers are recruited by the unit’s leaders, then clearances ARE REQUIRED.
  • Parents helping with fundraisers (Show and Sell and/or store front sales) – if the parent will be or could be responsible for a child other than their own son (or daughter) then clearances ARE REQUIRED.
  • Adults who stay occasionally at a meeting to help out – clearances are NOT required unless their participation becomes a weekly occurrence.
  • At meetings or day events where parents are attending with their sons - clearances are NOT required of parents as volunteers.
  • At events where every Scout must participate with their parent(s) – clearances are NOT required of parents as volunteers.
  • At events where Scouts are participating without their parent(s) – clearances ARE REQUIRED of parents as volunteers, as they may be acting in lieu of a parent and will have routine interaction and direct contact with youth.

The above information could change as a result of clarifications and updates to the law.  Checkout the following link for up-to-date information from Cradle of Liberty Council on how the law applies to scouting, as well as how to obtain clearances:

If you are required to obtain Once clearances have been obtained, they must be submitted to council using the following link.  You do not need to be a registered adult leader to submit clearances.

BSA Youth Protection Training

Youth Protection training is offered as an online course that takes 20 to 30 minutes. 
The training can be found at

Basic steps for taking the course are:
1. Login or create an new account.
2. Click on "Home" and select "My Dashboard"
3. Click on "YPT" if not already on that page.
4. Select the "Youth Protection Training" course.
When completed, be sure to print or save as PDF the completion certificate.




Youth Protection Training