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Volunteer Training
Most, if not all, volunteer leader training can be done via online courses.  The website for leader training is

If you have not already created an account on, you will need to do so to complete training.  Below is a walk through the basic steps for logging in and navigating the training section of the site.  You are forewarned that the site is not very user friendly and you will need to disable pop-up blockers in your browser or know how to selectively override the blocker.

Below each step below is link labeled '<image>'. 
Clicking on '<image>' will bring up a screenshot relevant to that step.

Logging and Updating Your Member Id

Go to and login, or create a new account.
NOTE: once you create and account, it is important to return to the same account to update your training.  Council tracks completed training using this site.  If you create new account each time, your previous training records could be lost.

As soon as you know your BSA member number, update your account in to include the number.  This will allow council to easily find your completed training records.  This only needs to be done once.  Note that if your name was on your son's application and he joined as a Tiger Cub, then you likely already have a BSA member number assigned.  Contact the committee chair for help getting that number.  If you are a new leader after Tigers, your id number will be assigned when your application is processed.

Click on 'Menu', then select 'Legacy Web Tools'

Click on 'Manage Member Id' and 'Add' your member number.  Our council is
'Cradle of Liberty Council - Wayne, Pa - #525'

Accessing Training
After logging into, select 'Menu', then click on 'My Dashboard'

This should display the 'My Training' page and land you on the 'YPT' page.  If you have not taken YPT training yet, do that first from here.

To take leader training, click on 'Training Center'

Then click on the 'Cub Scouting' bar (anywhere in the  horizontal bar should work)

This will display a number of training sections available.  For Cub Scout leaders, click on the section that corresponds to the training you need; Cubmaster, Den Leader or Committee.
Clicking anywhere in the horizontal bar for your section should work.
This will bring up a new window that your pop-up blocker may try to prevent from opening.
The 'ScoutingU' home page will be displayed.

Courses you need to take are selected from a 'Course Catalog' and placed into your 'Learning Plan'.  First check your learning plan to see if any courses have already been assigned to you.  These may have been automatically assigned based on you current chartered position.
Click on 'My Learning' to view your learning plan.

If you don't see the training you need in your learning plan, you will need to select them first.
Click on 'Home' to back to the welcome page, then click on 'Cub Scouting'

Click on 'Select a Training Program' to open a selection box.  Select the training you need by clicking on the corresponding text.

Available 'Learning Plans' will now be displayed.  For Den Leaders, this will likely be three modules.  If you need to take any of these courses, hovering over each one with you mouse will display a green 'plus' sign.  Click the 'plus' sign to add that module to your learning plan.  If a 'plus' sign does not appear, that means it is already in your learning plan or you have already taken the course.  Note that you will need to add all three modules to your plan.

Once you have added your learning modules, click on 'My Learning' again all the way at the top of the page.

To start taking the courses in your learning plan, click on the name of the course.  This will take you another page that displays the individual modules in each course. (The image below shows Den Leader training).

You will need to take each module in the course.  Click on the name of the module and this will take to yet another page, from where you can launch that training module.  When finished, return to the course listing and take the next module (use the 'Back' button on the page to navigate back).
Be sure to complete all modules in a course; you may need to click on 'Load More' at the bottom of a listing of modules to see all of them.