Pinewood Derby

The 2024 Pinewood Derby will take place on February 24, 2024 from 1-4 p.m. in the cafeteria at Maple Glen Elementary School.

The Pinewood Derby is a traditional Scouting event in which small, Scout-built wooden cars are raced down a specially designed track using only the force of gravity for power.

The Pinewood Derby will take place on Saturday, February 24th from 1-4 p.m. in the cafeteria at Maple Glen Elementary School. Scouts are highly encouraged to check in their cars at Den meetings the week prior to the event:

Weblos/AOL – Thursday, 2/15 6:00 pm @ the Ark
Tigers – Tuesday, 2/20 6:00 pm @ Jarrettown Elementary School Cafeteria
Bears – Tuesday, 2/20 7:00 pm @ the Ark
Lions – Wednesday, 2/21 6:00 pm @ the Ark
Wolves – Wednesday, 2/21 6:00 pm @ the Ark

Once checked in you will not have access to your car again until after the race. Check-in will also be available the day of the race beginning at 12 pm; but please know your ability to make adjustments to your car will be limited, and if your car does not pass inspection by 1 pm you will not be able to race it.

Cars have been distributed at Den meetings. If your Scout needs a kit, please reach out to his/her Den Leader. If you don’t have contact information for your Scout’s den leader, please see here.

Siblings, alumni and parents are welcome to build and race their own cars. (We run separate races for these at the end.) Additional car kits can be purchased online through (link) or at the Scout stores in Valley Forge and Doylestown. They cost about $7.

PLEASE review these rules before you and your Scout begin work on their Pinewood Derby Car Kit. (Be careful: Many online videos will recommend strategies — for example, rail-riding — that go against the rules used by most Cub Scout Packs, including ours.)

We need adult volunteers to help us run this event. If you can assist, please reach out to [email protected].

The Cradle of Liberty Council typically holds Council-wide Pinewood Derby in late spring. All Scouts are welcome to participate. (Your Scout doesn’t have to win a unit level event to participate.) We’ll communicate details when available.

More Pinewood Derby Information

The primary goals of our Pinewood Derby are GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP and HAVING FUN!

  • Enjoying the experience of adult partners and Scouts working together as a team
  • Gaining valuable skills in using tools and materials safely
  • Practicing and celebrating a child’s creativity
  • Learning pride in workmanship
  • Understanding how to follow rules fairly

Cars should be built by the Cub Scouts with some adult guidance.

  • Cub Scouts learn best by “doing”, so it is important that the Scout be actively involved in all phases of the design and building process. (As an example, Tigers/Bears should be doing about 50% of the work on their own… Webelos and AOL Scouts should be building the car mostly on their own…)
  • Any technical assistance should be fully explained to the Cub Scout so that he/she can use that knowledge on future projects.
  • The role of the adult partner (Akela) should be as a guide and teacher. When using tools, a “hands over hands” approach to the teaching is best – the Scout should hold the tool and your hands hold his/hers to guide him/her as he/she learns its use.
  • Please remember to also teach and use all appropriate safety procedures, including proper use of safety equipment.